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Collection Jim Bolus Collection
Object Name Audiocassette
Catalog Number 1985.155.0068
Title Jim Bolus audio recorded at the 1978 Travers Stakes, and interviews with Laz Barrera, Laffit Pincay, Steve Cauthen, Phil Johnson, Larry Barrera, and Louis Wolfson
Description Side A:

In the first segment, Bolus speaks with Laz Barrera, trainer of Affirmed, prior to the 1978 Travers Stakes. Barrera discusses his decision to have Laffit Pincay ride Affirmed in the race, his plans for Affirmed's upcoming racing schedule, and his expectations for rival horse Alydar's performance in the race.

Bolus next speaks by phone to jockey Laffit Pincay, who will ride Affirmed in the upcoming Travers Stakes. They discuss his limited experience with Affirmed, having only ridden him in two races, and never against Alydar. They discuss Alydar's performance in past races and whether his rider may try a different strategy in the Travers.

Bolus records several minutes of ambient sound from the race - he seems to be in the grandstand crowd at first, then possibly in the jockeys' room. Individual voices can be heard here, but it is unclear who the speakers are.

The next segment contains audio from a press conference with jockey Laffit Pincay, following the 1978 Travers Stakes, discussing Affirmed's loss to Alydar by disqualification due to an incident during the race. Pincay asserts that he did not foul Alydar intentionally, and states the horse was in a "tough spot" where Pincay could not see him, and that he heard nothing from Alydar's jockey, Jorge Velasquez.

The next segment is a press conference with jockey Steve Cauthen, Affirmed's regular rider, who was unable to compete in the 1978 Travers Stakes due to an injury. Discussing the incident that led to Affirmed's disqualification, Cauthen describes what he could see from the grandstand, and defend's jockey Laffit Pincay's performance.

In the next segment, Bolus and others are speaking to a jockey after the race, possibly Angel Cordero, rider of Shake Shake Shake. He declines to comment on the race incident due to his friendships with jockeys Laffit Pincay and Jorge Velasquez.

Bolus and others speak again to Steve Cauthen, who comments on the rapid decision by track officials to disqualify Affirmed after the race, and discusses differences in West Coast racing.

In the next segment, Bolus and other reporters are speaking again to jockey Laffit Pincay. He recounts what happened during the race and explains why he believes the incident with Alydar occurred. He asserts his belief that Affirmed is still the best horse, and defends his own actions during the race.

In the next segment, Bolus and other reporters are speaking to Laz Barrera, Affirmed's trainer. He asserts that Affirmed is a better horse than Alydar, and believes a match race between the two would prove this. He implies that jockeys Jorge Velasquez, rider of Alydar, and Angel Cordero, rider of Shake Shake Shake, may have colluded to cause the race incident that resulted in Affirmed's loss by disqualification.

Bolus next speaks again with jockey Angel Cordero, asking him about Barrera's statements. Cordero shares his perspective on what happened during the race and asserts he was not involved in the incident.

Bolus speaks again to Laz Barrera. He asserts he is not accusing anyone, but tells reporters he is very unhappy with what has happened,

The identity of Bolus's next interviewee is unclear, but may be Larry Barrera, son of Laz Barrera. They discuss the allegation that Cordero and Velasquez colluded to cause the race incident. Barrera explains why the sequence of events during the race seems suspicious. He, too, asserts that a match race between Affirmed and Alydar, with no other competitors "in the way," is the only way to prove which of them is truly the better horse.

Side B:

Bolus is speaking with jockey Jorge Velasquez. They seem to be in the jockeys' room, and background noise makes them difficult to hear at times. Velasquez expresses disappointment at winning only because of Affirmed's disqualification. They discuss the incident, and Velasquez defends his actions.

After several minutes of silent tape, Bolus speaks by phone to Philip Johnson, trainer of Nasty and Bold, who also competed in the 1978 Travers Stakes. Discussing the race and the incident, Johnson states that he believed going into the race that jockey Angel Cordero would play a significant role in the outcome. However, he also believes that Laffit Pincay made mistakes, for which Cordero is not responsible. He speculates about whether or not Cordero may have been getting even with Laz Barrera, for not naming him as Affirmed's rider. The two also discuss Cordero's aggressive riding style and tactics.

Bolus next speaks by phone with Larry Barrera, trainer and son of Laz Barrera. (May 21, 1979) The two discuss, Eloquent, a filly Barrera is training, who is racing well. He describes the horse's personality and build, as well as the training and racing strategies he has used, and her response to them. He also discusses the horse's response to different riders. They also discuss It's in the Air, another filly, who has not been performing as well as anticipated. Barrera discusses possible reasons for this.

Bolus next speaks with Patrice Wolfson and Lou Wolfson, owners of Affirmed and Eloquent. Mrs. Wolfson discusses naming her thoroughbreds, particularly Eloquent, Affirmed, and Love You Dear. Mr. Wolfson further discusses Eloquent, her racing results and her earnings, and reasons she did not race as a two-year-old. He also discusses It's in the Air, and differences in her racing style and Eloquent's He confirms plans to retain Eloquent's current jockey Don Pierce, to whom she responds well.
Number of Items Audiocassette
People Bolus, Jim
Barrera, Laz
Pincay, Laffit
Cauthen, Steve
Cordero, Angel
Johnson, Phil
Barrera, Larry
Wolfson, Louis
Wolfson, Patrice
Pierce, Don
Barrera, Willy
Subjects 1978 Travers Stakes
Shake Shake Shake
Nasty and Bold
Davona Dale
It's in the Air
Love You Dear
Exclusive Native